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Sample of New PDS Images


NASA AMES Research Center has also saved their best for last.

New Panoramas of the Pathfinder Landing Site

Rover Stereo Pairs


Pathfinder AGU Eos Transactions Articles by Dr. Ken Edgett


The main Pathfinder Site has been moved under the MPF directory on the Mars site.

The new URL is:

This is in preparation for the creation of the CD-ROM which is indexed by:


We saved the best for last. Check out Tim Parker's best high resolution images!

Super Resolution Stereo Pairs of Twin Peaks

More Super Resolution Color Anaglyphs by Tim Parker


29th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, March 1998


Science Abstracts from Spring 98 AGU Meeting


Updated Science Results


Mars Pathfinder Web Articles
Articles describing how we managed the Pathfinder web site.


Pathfinder Internet and Web Site Awards
The Pathfinder Internet team thanks the many organizations that have honored us with awards.


Thumbnail Image Archive Index
New Fast Loading Thumbnail Image Directory


Mars News
Non-commercial postings concerning Mars missions and research.


Starting today the Pathfinder Archival site will be revamped to accommodate modem users. Except where noted, individual pages will not contain more than 400 KB of data. Users of 56 kbps modems should not experience download times of more than 60 seconds per page. Most pages will be designed around a 30 second modem down load time limit.


The Lost Links

A must see page for real Pathfinder enthusiasts. This page contains a directory of every HTML file on the Pathfinder site.


NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Planet-B Neutral Mass Spectrometer (GSFC)

The Atmospheric Experiment Branch of the Goddard Space Flight Center built a Neutral Mass Spectrometer (NMS), which was launched on July 4, 1998 ( Friday at 5:12 PM PDT ) to the planet Mars aboard the Japanese Planet-B spacecraft, under direction of the Japanese Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS).


Mars As Seen Through the Eyes of the Sojourner Rover
In memory of the Mars Pathfinder first anniversary, we are releasing new enhanced rover images.
Enhanced rover images made available by Jack Morrison - rover driver, software & camera designer


Water History, Rock Composition Among Latest Findings a Year after Mars Pathfinder


Super Resolution Image
Super Resolution Image of "Big Crater" by Tim Parker


The Imager for Mars Pathfinder

The Imager for Mars Pathfinder, also known as the IMP, is a multi-spectral stereo imaging system, a camera, which landed on Mars aboard the Mars Pathfinder. The IMP site, located at the University of Arizona, is in the process of being mirrored to JPL as part of the MPF archive.

The IMP site has a number of good links, such as the Related Mars Sites List.


Science Data from the JPL Planetary Photojournal - Planetary Data System (PDS)

We are now incorporating images from the JPL Planetary Photojournal into the main Pathfinder site. These images will also be filed into their proper location within the Science Results Section.


Images from the JPL Planetary Photojournal - Planetary Data System (PDS)

We are now incorporating images from the JPL Planetary Photojournal into the main Pathfinder site. These images will also be filed into their proper location within the Science Results Section.


Welcome to the Mars Pathfinder Archival Website.

In the coming months we will further improve the look and feel of the site. The archival site will be placed on a CD-ROM and made available through the PDS, NSSDC, and the JPL ERC.


High Resolution Rover Images by Tim Parker


New Color Anaglyph of Yogi by Tim Parker


Fantastic 3-D Color Anaglyphs by Tim Parker



The Pathfinder site is being restructured to improve the presentation. At the end of the archival period in August, the entire directory system forming the Pathfinder site will be placed onto CD-ROM. The CD-ROM will be accessible with any standard Internet browser.


Farewell to Pathfinder


Archive of all Images

All the Pathfinder stereo 3-D images have been organized chronologically into 2 new sections-the Anaglyph 3-D Stereo Archives and the Stereo Pairs Archives. Over the next few weeks we will be reorganizing the site and adding additional archival data.


cover.gifAdditional Science Articles are Now On-line


The Pathfinder site is being restructured to the increase the efficiency of down loading images over modems and to facilitate the rapid location of information. Additional information will be added to the site during this archival period.


New Super Res Images by Timothy Parker, JPL


JPL and the U.S. Postal Service celebrated NASA's Mars Pathfinder mission in a ceremony during which the new $3 Priority Mail stamp depicting Pathfinder on the surface of Mars was unveiled.


Bird's Eye View of Landing Site: Now updated to Sol 83 - Seven computer generated image maps of the landing site showing the path of the rover, location of the rocks, rover pictures taken, APXS measurements, soil mechanics experiments, end of date IMP images, rover movies, and wheel abrasion experiments.

December 2 at 7:15 pm EST -Tune into the National Geographic Society's "Return to the Red Planet" with Pathfinder Scientist Dr. Matthew Golombek


Although the extended mission is now over, we are still processing and releasing images from the super pan. The color segments from the November 4 press conference show the surrounding Martian terrain in unprecedented detail.


Due to the communication problems, we have not been receiving new data from Pathfinder. However, there is still a substantial amount of previously acquired data that is being processed and will be released at upcoming press conferences. The dates of upcoming press conferences will be prominently posted 3-4 days in advance.


The primary Pathfinder mission ended on August 3, 1997. Data is released when it is deemed ready for release by the principal investigator responsible for the operation of the scientific instrument that acquired the data.

Please be advised that only pages linked from the Extended Mission area are being updated regularly. All other pages stopped being updated at the end of the primary mission. If there is information you would like to see added to the Pathfinder site, please send your request to: Kirk Goodall (

The subject of your mail message should read: MPF REQUEST: <your request>

Thank you for your continued interest in the Pathfinder mission.


Kirk Goodall
Mars Web Engineer