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Pathfinder News Releases
     Latest findings a year after Mars Pathfinder 6/29/98
     Former Pathfinder manager retires from JPL 6/29/98
     Pathfinder leaders take their place among the stars 6//98
     Final attempt to contact Pathfinder lander 3/9/98
     Muirhead named engineer of the year 3/3/98
     Manning named Mars program chief engineer 2/17/98
     Pathfinder results featured in Science Magazine 12/1/97
     Postal Service issues Pathfinder stamp 11/25/97
     Pathfinder winds down after phenomenal mission 11/4/97
     Sojourner's 'smarts' reflect latest in automation 8/8/97
     Pathfinder concludes primary science mission 8/8/97
     Mars Pathfinder software honored by NASA 7/28/97
     Caltech to host Mars Pathfinder celebration 7/11/97
     NASA renames lander in honor of late Carl Sagan 7/5/97
     Public has internet view of Mars Pathfinder 6/24/97
     Mattel releases toy of Sojourner rover 6/19/97
     Hubble sees cloudy skies, cold weather on Mars 5/20/97
     Pathfinder screen saver available on-line 4/16/97
     Mars Pathfinder passes Global Surveyor 3/14/97
     Interdisciplinary teams chosen for Pathfinder 2/26/97
     Three Mars missions to be launched 10/16/96
     Two Mars spacecraft arrive at launch site 8/14/96
     Mars Pathfinder fully integrated 1/31/96
     NASA names Mars Pathfinder rover 7/14/95
     Pathfinder passes engineering milestones 7/14/95
Pathfinder Status Reports
     March 10, 1998
     October 29, 1997
     October 22, 1997
     October 16, 1997
     October 8, 1997
     October 7, 1997
     October 1, 1997
     August 27, 1997
     August 18, 1997
     August 3, 1997
     (More status reports)



Mars Missions Press Kits
     Global Surveyor arrival at Mars
     Mars Pathfinder landing
     Press Kits ars Adobe Acrobat PDF files.
     Acrobat Reader available free at