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Mars Pathfinder CD-ROM Directory


The Pathfinder Web Site CD-ROM archive contains a list of links to all pages of the combined site consisting of the web site as it existed at the time of landing and the web site as it existed at the end of the mission.

Pages Created Before Landing


NASA RFP and Associated Pathfinder Proposals

The Web Site as it Existed at the Time of Landing


General Mission Information


Pathfinder Launch


Science Objectives


Martian Chronicle


Educational Outreach


Mars Watch Images


Operational Readiness Tests


Real Time Displays - Cruise


Real Time Displays - Entry Descent and Landing


Slides of Mission


Frequently Asked Questions


Landing Site Nav and Determination

Pages Created After Landing

The Web Site as it Existed at the End of the Mission


All Surface Images


Thumbnails of Images


Sunset Images


Super Resolution Images


Stereo Images


Anaglyph Images


Images By Day on Mars


Rover Links


Science Results


Virtual Reality VRML


Real Time Lander Information


Surface Operations




Web Camera Images of MSA and Mars Room




Pathfinder Awards


Bios of Team Members


IMP Camera


Science Publications


Media Coverage


Status Reports

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Please note that the Pathfinder Web Site CD is separate and apart from the Pathfinder Imaging CDs which were released and distributed to the NSSDC as of 28-SEP-98.

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