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Mars Pathfinder Web Articles


CNN - NASA's Mars Web site proves wildly popular - July 7, 1997
The NASA Pathfinder Web site approaches a popularity record.

WEB REVIEW - Webmasting Mars - July 1997
How a team of three manages JPL's mga-hits site.

WEB WEEK - Mars Attacks the Web - August 18, 1997
NASA first readied for 32 million hits per day. Private industry helped it handle 46.9 million.

MSNBC - Internet users follow Mars missions - October 1997
A network of Internet sites with information about Mars missions has drawn more than 700 million hits.

ClickZ - Q A with Mars Pathfinder Web Site Engineer Kirk Goodall - May 22, 1998
Goodall is one of the visionaries behind NASA's Mars Pathfinder web site,
which created one of the largest public relations successes to date on the Internet.

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