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5 December 1997, Volume 27, Number 5344


Science Magazine

Special access to the Mars Pathfinder foldout, including the Martian surface panorama from the lander in 3D


Overview of the Mars Pathfinder Mission
and Assessment of Landing Site Predictions

Science 5 December 1997; 278 (5344):1743 (in Reports)
M. P. Golombek, R. A. Cook, T. Economou, W. M. Folkner,
A. F. Haldemann, P. H. Kallemeyn, J. M. Knudsen, R. M. Manning,
H. J. Moore, T. J. Parker, R. Rieder, J. T. Schofield, P. H. Smith, R. M. Vaughan

Additional Articles Recently Made Available


Interior Structure and Seasonal Mass Redistribution
of Mars from Radio Tracking of Mars Pathfinder

Science 5 December 1997; 278 (5344):1749 (in Reports)
W. M. Folkner, C. F. Yoder, D. N. Yuan, E. M. Standish,
R. A. Preston


The Mars Pathfinder Atmospheric Structure
Investigation/Meteorology (ASI/MET) Experiment

Science 5 December 1997; 278 (5344):1752 (in Reports)
J. T. Schofield, J. R. Barnes, D. Crisp, R. M. Haberle, S.
Larsen, J. A. Magalhães, J. R. Murphy, A. Seiff, G. Wilson


Results from the Mars Pathfinder Camera
Science 5 December 1997; 278 (5344):1758 (in Reports)
P. H. Smith, J. F. Bell III, N. T. Bridges, D. T. Britt, L.
Gaddis, R. Greeley, H. U. Keller, K. E. Herkenhoff, R.
Jaumann, J. R. Johnson, R. L. Kirk, M. Lemmon, J. N.
Maki, M. C. Malin, S. L. Murchie, J. Oberst, T. J. Parker,
R. J. Reid, R. Sablotny, L. A. Soderblom, C. Stoker, R.
Sullivan, N. Thomas, M. G. Tomasko, W. Ward, E.


Characterization of the Martian Surface Deposits by
the Mars Pathfinder Rover, Sojourner

Science 5 December 1997; 278 (5344):1765 (in Reports)
R. Team


Magnetic Properties Experiments on the Mars
Pathfinder Lander: Preliminary Results

Science 5 December 1997; 278 (5344):1768 (in Reports)
S. F. Hviid, M. B. Madsen, H. P. Gunnlaugsson, W. Goetz,
J. M. Knudsen, R. B. Hargraves, P. Smith, D. Britt, A. R.
Dinesen, C. T. Mogensen, M. Olsen, C. T. Pedersen, L.


The Chemical Composition of Martian Soil and Rocks
Returned by the Mobile Alpha Proton X-ray
Spectrometer: Preliminary Results from the X-ray

Science 5 December 1997; 278 (5344):1771 (in Reports)
R. Rieder, T. Economou, H. Wänke, A. Turkevich, J.
Crisp, J. Brückner, G. Dreibus, H. Y. McSween Jr.