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General Mission Information

Mars, The Red Planet
Historical Data about Mars from Past Missons.

Pathfinder Fact Sheet
General overview of the mission prior to landing

Mars Pathfinder Mission Timeline
Mission senarios around the time of landing

Mars Pathfinder Mission Rover Sojourner
Links to Rover Engineering Data

Mars Pathinder and Global Surveyor Animation
"Ships Passing in the Night" An Animated Journey

Mars Pathfinder Mission Launch & Cruise
Events during the cruise phase to Mars

Mars Pathfinder Mission
Events during the cruise phase to Mars

Mars Pathfinder Mission Objectives
Summary of Pathfinder Mission Objectives

Mars Pathfinder Mission Operations
Mission Operations During Cruise Phase

Mars Pathfinder Airbags
Development of Airbag Landing System

Mars Pathfinder Rocket Assisted Descent
Testing of Rocket Assisted Descent Landing System

Historical Pictures of Mars Pathfinder's Assembly Process
By Rob Manning, Flight System Chief Engineer, Mars Pathfinder

News and Information Archive
Public Information Office News on Mission

Mars Pathfinder Cruise And Mars Approach Activities
Overview of Phases of the Mission

UBVRI Standard Stars J1996.5
Star Map Parameters

Associated Press Article, February 1, 1996
By JANE E. ALLEN, AP Science Writer

NASA Lewis Research Center's Contribution To The Mars Pathfinder Mission
NASA LERC has been involved in the Mars Pathfinder Mission nearly from the beginning.

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