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Mars Pathfinder

Round the Rocks the Rascally Rover Ran!

rover_movie_sol24_S0050Q.gif (1.7 Mb)

rover_movie_sol233.gif (Part 3 - 682K)

rover_movie_sol232.gif (Part 2 - 837K)

rover_movie_sol231.gif (Part 1 - 1 Mb)

rover_movie_sol22_S0050P.gif (651K)

rover_movie_sol21_S0050N.gif (3.4 Mb)

rover_movie_sol20_S0050M.gif (961K)

rover_movie_sol18_S0050L.gif (1.4 Mb)

"Draw-Bar Pull"
Scraping Scooby-Doo

rover_movie_sol15_S0050K.gif (1.9 Mb)

Perfect Placement

rover_movie_sol14_S0050J.gif (1.1 Mb)

Turning in the Soil

rover_movie_sol13_S0050H.gif (1 Mb)

This "movie" was generated from 17 separate frames taken by the Imager for Mars Pathfinder (IMP) on Sol 13. Each frame was taken approximately 15 seconds apart and shows the rover at 40 times real speed. In this "movie", Sojourner is performing soil mechanics experiments by turning its wheels and moving in the soil and over small rocks.

Sojourner Gets Her Rock

rover_movie_sol10_S0050F.gif (1.3 Mb)

This "movie" was generated from 23 separate frames taken by the Imager for Mars Pathfinder (IMP) and lasts approximately 8 seconds. It shows Sojourner having backed away from Yogi readjusting itself by making two turns, one to the left and one to the right, before deploying the Alpha Proton X-Ray Spectrometer (APXS) and making its move up against the rock.

Let's Do A Wheelie on Yogi!

rover_movie_sol6_S0055D.gif (1.1 Mb)

Off to Yogi!


Sojourner Rover Rolls Down the Ramp

rover_movie.gif (527K)

At approximately 10:40 pm Pacific Daylight Time today, 5 July 1997, the Sojourner Rover drove off the rear lander ramp onto the Martian surface. The accompanying animation was assembled from 9 separate images taken by the IMP. The descent took approximately 2 minutes to complete. The rover now rests on the Martian soil, 10 cm from the end of the ramp.

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