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Mars Pathfinder Lander

Click on the image above, or the list of subsystems below to bring up a realtime display of the downlink being replayed. Your screen will be refreshed once every fifteen to sixty seconds with new data, or for the most current data, hit the "Reload" button on your browser. (See descriptions below)

Note: The replay starts at a spacecraft time of 00:02:15 which corresponds to a time on Mars of 09:14:08 in the morning. Use this information to determine the time on Mars. For example, on July 6th high noon on Mars occurred at a spacecraft time of 02:48:07. Watch the temperature of the lander increase as it is warmed by the Sun. Click here to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, compliments of Prodigy.

We will replay data from July 6th for three days and then we will start presenting the most current data available.We will also add more engineering data displays over the coming weeks.

July 17, 1997

Time and Mission Phase - Description of Data

Ground Data System - Description of Data

Fault Protection - Description of Data

Spacecraft Power - Description of Data

Telecommunications - Description of Data

Lander External Temperatures - Description of Data

Integrated Subsystem Assembly (ISA) External and Internal Data - Description of Data

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