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Mars Pathfinder

Virtual Reality Models and Animations
of the Pathfinder Mission

VRML models allow you to view the Mars Pathfinder lander and rover as never before. These models were taken from actual Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) models built at JPL and transferred to a format usable for the rest of the world.

If you already have a VRML 2.0 browser, click on any of the images below to see the model. For details on obtaining a browser and information on VRML in general, please go to our primer on VRML.

IMPORTANT: The download of the models may take a few minutes across a 28.8 modem line, please be patient. Wait until the models in your browser window finish loading (your browser's status bar will indicate 'Done'). If you have problems, see the help page.

QUICKTIME VR USERS (Macs included!): Please see our Virtual Reality page for QTVR Users.


Virtual Reality Panorama In Color! (<120k)

You are the color!

Virtual Reality Panorama
Color Hi-Res!
(>1MB, Requires High Performance Graphics Card)

If you have a high-end workstation with graphics acceleration, try this high-resolution version of the color panorama.


Virtual Reality
Terrain Models

6 VRML models of the terrain around the Sagan Memorial Station on Mars. Each model varies in resolution and detail.


Our Solar System(<130k)

See our Solar System with a fly-by of Mars complete with sound.


Virtual Reality Panorama (<100k)

You are the camera!


Virtual Reality Panorama
with Lander Site

Rotate the camera and watch as your vantage point is indicated in real time on the Pathfinder Lander Site Map!


Lander and Rover on Mars (87k)

Look at the lander and rover on a real
estimate of the Mars Pathfinder landing site!


Interactive Sojourner Model (69k)

Use interactive sliders to see Sojourner's 'Rocker-Bogie' suspension in action. Then click on individual parts of the Rover to learn more about them.


Lander (33k)

Lander and Rover (123k)

View the lander from
every angle. Go ahead!


Rover (118k)

See Sojourner
in 3D.


The models you see here were developed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in cooperation with Silicon Graphics, Inc. and Dramatis.

The 'terrain' models were developed by Fourth Planet, Inc.