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News from Sojourner

Sojourner in Life Magazine
Photo courtesy of Life Magazine

NASA-TV Schedule for 1 July - 17 July (STS-94 Shuttle mission and Mars Pathfinder Briefings and events)!

How does Mars Pathfinder retract its airbags and right itself once on the surface of Mars? Watch the movie!

Ever wonder what exactly is going to happen on 4 July during Entry, Descent and Landing?

Take a Tour of Ares Vallis (courtesy of David Palermo, an artist and Mars fan, and Quicktime VR)!

All you wanted to know about Mars Pathfinder Navigation! How it works, why it works, and why we need Trajectory Correction Maneuvers...

Subscribe to the Mars Pathfinder Mission Status mailing list! Or, if you just need a list of Mars Pathfinder Mission Status reports...

The Mars Pathfinder Assembly Process in Words and Pictures!

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers!

For a Project Status Report by telephone, please call 1-800-391-6654 and follow the instructions.


This is the signature sheet on the Rover belly. The engineers and technicians responsible for the Rover gave us their signatures and we had them reproduced on aluminum foil! Also listed are some of the companies and organizations who have helped us out. (344Kb GIF)

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