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Welcome to the 1996-1997 MarsWatch Homepage!

Linking Amateur and Professional Mars Observing Communities for Observational Support of the Mars Pathfinder Mission


Mars Pathfinder Landing Site Observed by the Hubble Space Telescope

(Released 27 June 1997)

1 July 1997

Three days and counting...

The latest from Mars - images from ground-based astronomers (5 April - 30 June)!

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For earlier images of Mars (1996-1997)...

Mars Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO) Albedo Map (compiled by Carlos Hernandez and Daniel Troiani)!

UBVRI Star Calibration Chart!

The MarsWatch FTP site
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Mars Pathfinder will be the first spacecraft to return to the surface of Mars in almost 21 years. Scheduled to land on July 4, 1997, Pathfinder will initiate an exciting era of exploration of the surface of Mars.

The Mars Pathfinder spacecraft enters the martian atmosphere behind an aeroshell directly from cruise. Key portions of the landing and Sol 1 surface operations depend on knowledge of martian atmospheric conditions, especially those commonly associated with dust storms. Having a prior knowledge of the state of the Martian atmosphere before arrival would allow time for fine tuning of the Mars Pathfinder Entry, Descent, and Landing phase of operations.

In order to monitor atmospheric conditions on Mars, we need world-wide help of amateur and professional astronomers. MarsWatch was created to be a clearinghouse for information and images on Martian atmospheric conditions gathered by amateur and professional astronomers world-wide. It is a combination of science and outreach activity centered around observing of the atmosphere of Mars from now to July 4, 1997. Atmospheric observations will be especially crucial during the Mars Pathfinder cruise portion of operations (December, 1996 through July, 1997). If an astronomer observes some anomalous activity during the cruise phase, you can notify us and we will pass on the information to all astronomers. Please click here for more information on how this verification will be done. Any images (including those from the Hubble Space Telescope) acquired during this time will be examined for anomalous activity and included on this website. So join us in making the return to Mars successful, if you observe any changes in the atmosphere of Mars, please let us know.

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