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Mars Pathfinder Mission

The Latest News!

Mars Landscape

Computer-Enhanced Viking Lander Image of the Martian Surface

NASA-TV Schedule for 1 July - 17 July (STS-94 Shuttle mission and Mars Pathfinder Briefings and events)!

How does Mars Pathfinder retract its airbags and right itself once on the surface of Mars? Watch the movie!

All you wanted to know about Mars Pathfinder Navigation! How it works, why it works, and why we need Trajectory Correction Maneuvers...

NASA's 1996 Mars Missions Press Kit, highlighting the United States' and Russia's return to Mars this year, is available online to Internet users! (Please note: the file is a 1.6 megabyte Adobe Acrobat pdf file.)

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This document was last updated on: 8 July 1997