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Mars Pathfinder

Mission Management
Tony Spear: project manager lander mission
Matt Golombek
: project scientist

Pathinder Systems Engineering and Mission Planning
Tim Gallagher : camera control electronics designer
Bridget Landry: deputy uplink systems engineer
Rob Manning: flight system chief engineer

Pathinder Operations

Matt Wallace: operations, Rover
Richard Cook: flight operations manager
Steven Stolper: flight software engineer
Guy Beutelschies: test director
Christopher Salvo: flight engineer
David Mittman: mission planner

Pathinder Spacecraft Navigation

Pieter Kallemeyn: navigation team leader

Pathinder Scientists and Researchers

Nathan Bridges: planetary geologist
Jim Bell: astronomer
Tim Schofield: Atmospheric Structure Investigation / Meteorology experiment science team leader
Peter Smith: camera designer and spectroscopist
Greg Wilson: planetary geologist
Jeff Plescia: research scientist/planetary geologist
D.C. Golden: principal scientist
Jack Farmer: exobiologist
Ted Roush: planetary scientist
Jim Murphy: meteorologist and research scientist

Overall Mars Program

Mission Management

Donna Shirley (Ret.): manager Mars Exploration Program
Mark Adler: Mars Exploration Program architect
In Memory of Mary Kaye Olsen: program manager Mars Global Surveyor and Surveyor Operations Project

Current Missions


Systems Engineering and Mission Planning

Wayne Lee: mission planner, Mars MGS/MSOP operations
Charles Whetsel: MGS/MSOP chief project engineer

MGS Spacecraft Navigation

Dan Johnston: trajectory and aerobraking design analyst, MGS Operations Project


ACEs: The people who control the spacecraft by coordinating with the Deep Space Network to receive telemetry and send commands.

Kyle Martin: real-time operations lead
Rich Hogen: mission operations
Charles Whetsel: spacecraft systems (part-time)

Deep Space Network

Dwight Holmes: ground network capacity

Mars Education and Outreach

Cheick Diarra: Mars Exploration Program Education
Anita Dodson: graphics communicator
John Moreau: librarian/archivist
Mary Urquhart: grad student and research assistant

Mars Surveyor '98

- Mars Climate Orbiter
- Mars Polar Lander

Jim Bell: astronomer
Wendy Calvin: research scientist, co-investigator, orbiter
Jeff Plescia: research scientist/planetary geologist
Peter Thomas: orbiter and lander
Mike Malin: orbiter and lander
Peter Smith: lander camera

Mars Surveyor '01

- Orbiter
- Lander
- Rover (Athena)

Jim Bell: astronomer
Jennifer Harris: lead integration and test engineer, rover
Stephen Gorevan: robotic drill project manager, rover
Phil Christensen: THEMIS instrument, orbiter
Cesar Sepulveda: optical engineer, rover

Future Mars Exploration

Steve Wall: Advanced Projects Design team leader, future Mars exploration

Mars Scientists and Researchers

Greg Neumann: lead altimetry analyst, Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter
Ken Edgett: scientist, Thermal Emission Spectrometer and Camera
Wendy Calvin: research scientist, co-investigator
Jeff Plescia: research scientist/planetary geologist
Geoff Briggs: scientific director, NASA Ames' Center for Mars Exploration
Bill Sjogren: Gravity Experiment principal investigator
Bruce Jakosky: interdisciplinary scientist
Peter Thomas: research scientist
Mike Malin: camera systems principal investigator
Robert Haberle: Mars atmosphere interdisciplinary scientist
Phil Christensen: Thermal Emission Spectrometer principal investigator
Mike Mellon: planetary scientist
D.C. Golden: principal scientist
Jack Farmer: exobiologist
Ted Roush: planetary scientist
Jim Murphy: meteorologist and research scientist

Hubble Space Telescope Mars Team

Steve Lee: surface expert

Read about the day-to-day activities of the Mars team members in a series of Field Journals.

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Note: The people listed above are those who agreed to participate in Mars Team Online. There are many more people who comprise the overall Mars team.